The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley
A must read for those who want to see America remain a sovereign nation.
Quigley gives a meticulous account of the history of the Rhodes scholarships, and those that implemented the desires set forth in the wills of Cecil Rhodes, the British diamond king and colonial statesman.
Since 1904, this scholarship has been used to train “men of ability and enthusiasm who find no suitable way to serve their country under the current political system” at Oxford Universary in England. The goal is uniting the world. These Rhodes scholars are now serving in key positions all over the world.
Much of the book is devoted to Sir Alfred Milner and the “Milner Group.” Upon Rhodes’ death, Milner obtained control of Rhodes’ money and was able to use it to lubricate the working of propaganda throughout the world.
Quigley says of the Milner group: “No country that values its safety should allow what the Milner group accomplished – that is, that a small number of men would be able to wield such power in administration and politics, should be given almost complete control over the publication of documents relating to their actions, should be able to exercise such influence over the avenues of information that create public opinion, and should be able to monopolize so completely the writing and the teaching of the history of their own period.”
Interestingly, a footnote in the concluding chapter states that the last important public act of the Milner group was the drawing of a Yugoslav boundary in 1946. After this the group, states Quigley, “ground its way to a finish of bitterness and ashes.”
Could the present crisis in Yugoslavia and the use of “allied force” be a Phoenix rising from the ashes? Read the book and decide for yourself.